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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 1, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the apprehension of the three suspects at large. utilizing multiple resources for that. we have numerous cane nine on the ground check for scents. we have numerous helicopters and aircrafts in the air. we have a large number of officers on foot conducting searches of the area. at this time in connection with that, we're working the investigation of the officer who was injured. so the major crime task force, lake county major crime task force, has been called in for that and is heading up that investigation. at this time we're asking all area residents to remain inside. report any suspicious activity, any suspicious people by dialing 911. as we still have three offenders at large. >> nbc's craig melvin is following the breaking details. craig, law enforcement telling our affiliate wmaq that that officer has died. >> yes. i was just listening to wmaq just two minutes ago. again, they are confirming that
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the officer shot and killed. we have not gotten that from law enforcement there ourselves just yet. again, local nbc affiliate there. francis, at this point all we know is that around 8:15 local time, 8:15 central there was a call that went out from this -- this police officer. he was pursuing one perhaps two people at the time and then shots rang out. his weapon and pepper spray both taken. just to give you perspective about this particular area, this community. it's about 60 miles northwest of chicago, 50 miles northwest of chicago. about an hour's drive. this is a lot closer to the wisconsin border than it is to chicago proper. this is a rural area. the suspect, two white guys and a black guy, at this point they are considered armed and dangerous, in addition to that high school grant, communiity
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high school being on lockdown, the metra community rail on the milwaukee district north line, thatter is vice has been temporarily suspended. the superintendent of schools said the schools on lockdown in that area are being locked down out of an abundance of caution. we just heard from the spokesperson a few moments ago saying that these guys, they believe these guys are on the run in that area. there is this massive manhunt that's under way. we've seen the video from this manhunt, canine dogs. we've seen every available law enforcement agency, every available law enforcement member we're told searching for these three suspects. this is also, of course, against the backdrop of what happened in texas this weekend. texas deputy darren goforth shot execution style, killed at a gas station in a suburb of houston over the weekend. he was shot 15 times. if this officer, again, we've
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been reporting this officer has been shot and killed, that would make him the 24th officer shot and killed in this country so far this year. that is according to a non-profit organization called officer down, that track such things. a 24 officers shot and killed as you might imagine. we've heard from a number of police officers over the past few days in the wake of the goforth killing, this is a time of great anxiety for police officers in this country, the men and women who wear the uniform. these men and women don't do it for money, they don't do it for awards or notoriety. we've heard from a number of them over the past few days but, again, right now we're talking about another police officer who appears to have been shot and killed in a suburb of chicago. we're waiting to get more information. again, the manhunt, the search continues for three suspects on foot. >> considered armed and dangerous. craig melvin, stand by here as we bring in former u.s. marshal
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lenny depaul. thanks for joining us here. i want to have your take on this knowing that this manhunt is under way. and notice the map here this area of fox lake, what craig melvin described as a rural area, closer to the wisconsin border over chicago. so, lenny, i can imagine this search goes even past the border of illinois. i can imagine wisconsin authorities are also involved? >> yes. good afternoon, francis. absolutely. it's an intense full court press at this point. it's an intense manhunt and all dedicated resources that are available to law enforcement are certainly deployed. i know the u.s. marshals regional fugitive task force in great lakes is on the ground and they're dedicating all necessary equipment and whether it's aviation support, i know blood hou hounds are there. at this point it's a math equation and when this thing went down early this morning, how far could these three suspects have gotten. they will set up a perimeter and hopefully contain these three
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individuals. more importantly, get them identified. >> and could that be the case, that authorities may know or have a lead as far as the identities of one or maybe all three of these suspects but, of course, they're not letting the press or the public in on that just yet? >> that's probably exactly what's happening. i'm sure at this point one of them if not all three have been identified. that police officer responded to a call and there was a foot chase. he was on the radio. he did react over his radio and what not. i'm sure things were put out that the public is not aware of. but the public needs to remain vigilant. you've got three armed and dangerous individuals out there. if they see anything, hear anything, call the police, let the professional s do their job. >> i'm sure the professionals as far as search for these three suspects, can assume they're together. when they set up the perimeter they might also have the assumption and go about it that they very well may have been separated during this. >> that's a million dollar
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question, absolutely. are they in a vehicle or all three of them together. if they split up, that's going to make the manhunt more intense and it's going to magnify the search and, yeah, there's possibility that could have crossed state lines which really doesn't mean much to the u.s. marshals. we've deputized all of our marshalls to come and go as they please. they are -- it's an intense manhunt. it will continue. i just hope they're identified and they're putting this puzzle together and connecting the dots. >> lenny, once that happens and they let the press know we certainly will let our viewers know as well. stand by. i want to bring back my colleague kr colleague craig melvin. it does appear to be a rural area. will that hurt or help as far as the search for these guys? looking at this. lots of trees very dense area. >> i can actually speak to the area. i spent some time in this particular area in college. i worked for two summers in
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neighboring mchenry county, illinois. this could not be farther from chicago in the sense it is quite rural and the folks who live here, a lot of them do commute into the city. a lot of folks who live in this part of illinois actually work in wisconsin. i will relay to you something that a sheriff said to me many years ago. i was working on a similar story. he said any time you've got folks on the run who have shot at a police officer or shot a member of law enforcement, they should be considered not just armed and dangerous but armed and extremely dangerous because they have demonstrated that there is not much that they won't do. so right now you've got law enforcement agencies in that area who are working against that. we don't know the relationship between the suspects. we also did not get -- that news conference that we just showed a sound bite from, we did not get
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the circumstances surrounding this stop. local reporter there with wmaq did say he had been told that there was some sort of traffic stop or routine traffic stop and after that traffic stop the suspect or perhaps suspect, both took off on foot before that call went out. we also heard that the officer, we don't know whether the weapon and the pepper spray was taken after the officer was shot. we don't know whether the weapon and pepper spray were taken during some sort of struggle. but again, these are all questions that i'm sure will be answered at some point. but right now law enforcement telling folks who live in that area to exercise extreme caution. we've got a superintendent of schools in that area that has already locked down at least one school, perhaps more schools in the area, as they search for three desperate individuals who are accused of shooting and killing a police officer in lake county, illinois, shortly after
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8:15 local time this morning. >> craig, this is a massive manhunt happen ing there in the area of fox lake on the border there of wisconsin northwest of chicago, about an hour ago from that. this as they are looking for what police officers are saying a three suspects in involved in this shooting of a police officer in that area to, again, not getting confirmation as far as the condition of the officers, law enforcement telling our affiliate that the officer has died but we're waiting to independently confirm that as well. i want to bring in lenny depaul who is talking about this. these guys are considered armed and dangerous, and this started with a traffic stop. how much information can other law enforcement get from the traffic stop knowing that the officer who is shot they have conveyed maybe tie the license plate number here and the description on these men. >> absolutely, francis. a variety of things going on
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right now. you have this intense manhunt. cars are being stopped. you have bloodhounds out there. aviation support as i stated earlier. you also have a fugitive investigation. if there was a car stopped, i believe there was, there has to be a registration. probably communicated and put over the air who is the registered owner of that vehicle. there's a whole lot of investigating going on behind the scenes as we speak. again, i'm hoping one, two, maybe all three have been identified. law enforcement is doing what they do best. i know the u.s. marshal's service is involved. like i said, our great lake task force is on the ground supporting and helping. they've dedicated all of their assets and hopefully it will be a matter of time. extremely armed and very dangerous. >> that's got to be alarming for the community there, the high school there in fox lake was put on lockdown bep don't have confirmation of any other school or businesses or areas there. but for the people in the community residents there, what do they do? obviously you lock your doors, keep vigilant, report anything.
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what more do they do to make sure they stay safe? >> absolutely. and you know it's going to be nightfall, put the lights on, put their dogs outside. do whatever it takes. if a car stopped, did they just rob a dank bank, we don't know what that call was about. that's going to be very important how this plays into this thing. there was a foot pursuit for some reason that officer felt it necessary or they decided to run for some reason. they had weapons. allegedly know now have the officer's weapon. that's another gun with ammunition that they have. so, you know, the public certainly has to stay very alert. they see anything, hear anything, people talk. i know i'm sure twitter accounts and facebooks are firing up. and you know, report anything to your local law enforcement. >> lenny depaul, thank you. msnbc following this breaking news out of fox lake, illinois, outside of chicago. northwest of the chicago area. about an hour away. close to the wisconsin border.
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after law enforcement say that a fox lake officer has been shot after a routine traffic stop. there are three suspects on the run described as three men, two white men, one black man. they are reported to be armed and dangerous. law enforcement saying that they took off with the officer's gun and his pepper spray. of course this massive search in this area in the air as well as with canine unit there's on the ground. we'll stay on top and bring you the latest as we get it. city ahead, neck and neck. donald trump and ben carson are both gop front-runners. does donald need to be worried? kentucky clerk refusing to marry anyone in protests of the supreme court same-sex marriage ruling. she is refusing to give marriage licenses out. will she back down or go to jail? and taking a look now. the dow more than 400 points now dropping to negative 428, 26. we'll continue to follow this throughout the afternoon here on "msnbc live."
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continuing to follow breaking news here on msnbc. manhunt under way in fox lake, illinois, outside of chicago, about an hour away northwest of chicago near the wisconsin border here for law enforcement saying three suspects who are involved in a police officer's shooting in this rural area. it started with a routine traffic stop that ended in a foot chase with the officer being shot. they are looking for three suspects, three men, two white men and one described as a black male as well who they believe took the officer's gun along with his pepper spray and ran. very tense moment there's in this community with a high school under lockdown and train
10:17 am
service in the area suspended as well as law enforcement are bln getting the area looking for these three suspects looking from the air. the chopper there's also on the ground with canine units as well. i'm joined now by dan hinkle from the "chicago tribune." are you hearing anything more about who these three suspects may be and, more importantly, any confirmation as far as the condition of the officer? >> as far as the condition of the officer, unfortunately he has died according to lake county undersheriff raymond rose. we know very little about the people that they are seeking. we know that there are three people. there appear to be conflicting reports as to the demographic identifiers of those people as to whether it's three males or -- >> possibly a woman, right? >> -- a female. >> there wasn't too much information given to us by law enforcement and their press conference earlier.
10:18 am
but talk a little bit about this search. we understand that this is a rural area as we're seeing, again, from these ariel shots from the shopper, very dense, wooded area here. any idea as far as the community of fox lake, how many people, how many residents in that area or any more -- word of any more lockdowns? >> i don't have any of the -- you know, the census data in front of me. it's on the border of mchenry near wisconsin. and we are -- it's sort of, i guess you would say, semi rural. there's a town there with a lake -- with a lake in it and it kind of -- there's a lot of woods and it does get pretty rural pretty quick out there. some of it is marshy, businesses, home, residences, stuff like that. >> stand by as we get more perspective here from former u.s. marshal lenny depaul. as we are learning more description about this area here
10:19 am
how will law enforcement and authorities go about in their saefsh? you mentioned the timing of a considering this happened this morning. so it's going to be basic math in trying to figure out and map out where the suspects may be and in building that perimeter. what else would they be looking at knowing, again, this is a very heavily wooded area, marshy area as well? >> now, francis, it's all about timing. it's a math equation. when this thing went down this morning and how far these three suspects could have gotten? together, in a vehicle? a lot of unanswered questions. more importantly, i'd like to know what that officer was responding to. they may have these three people identified already. i know the fugitive investigation and they will leave no stones unturned. they're going to look at everything. if they do have them identified, you know, there is an intense manhunt, like i said, but there's also this investigation going on. anything they know about these three suspects they will have the ability to take a look and see where exactly they could
10:20 am
have gone. you know, phones are firing up, like i said. i'm sure computers and social media is talking. somebody knows something. so i can imagine behind the scenes what's going on. it's a hectic scene. >> given the timeline and that this shooting happened earlier this morning, is this surprising? all we know is that there are three suspects, possibly two male, possibly even one female, two white and one black, shouldn't we know more at this time? >> well, law enforcement i'm sure knows a lot more. the public, me included, you know, they're doing this for a reason. sometimes this type of investigation -- >> if it's going to help as far as tracking these guys down and making sure that they are caught and the public is no longer in any jeopardy as far as their safety, why wouldn't they want that information out there? >> i don't know what they're working on behind the scenes. i don't know who these individuals are. yes, it certainly would help to put photos out there, people may, you know, may have gotten a
10:21 am
call from one of these three for some reason not knowing what's going on. there is information. once the dust settles, the smoke clears, the lead investigators decide, okay, let's get these photos out, identify these people to the public, get their assistance. it will happen sooner rather than later. let the investigators do their job before they contact anybody in the media or the public. they don't like the public to panic. right now -- >> that's a fine line, i can imagine. >> well, absolutely. and, you know, we don't know who these people are. they could be terrorists. we could be disgruntled employees. we have no idea at this point. i don't have any idea that the point. i'm sure the investigators down range have a pretty good idea what's going on. >> otherwise considered armed and dangerous with authorities saying that these three suspects took the officer's gun as well as pepper spray. again, massive manhunt under way in fox lake, illinois, close to the wisconsin border. not too close to chicago.
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you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. developing right now. america, you've got mail. about 7100 pages of it. that's the size of the largest batch of hillary clinton e-mails released to date. 125 of them later classified as confidential. and they cover a variety of topics including one clinton aide huma abedin revealing the i.t. folks at the state department doint know clinton was using a personal e-mail address. an perhaps to a nod of tv viewing habits another asking an aide when two television shows would be airing "parks and recreation" and "the good wife." alex seitz-wald covers the clinton campaign. your rivals would love to be a smoking gun out there but doesn't seem to be. >> no, francis, no smoking gun.
10:26 am
there is that e-mail about "parks and recreation," another one about gefilte fish and where hillary clinton complains about the number of snow days the government takes. the most interesting e-mail is, francis, huma abedin makes it clear that the help desk at the state department had no idea apparently that clinton was using a private e-mail server. interesting but not exactly explosive. >> not explosive even with the frustration the aides shared about having to deal with those e-mails in a private server. donald trump right away sending a tweet hammering clinton over this latest e-mail release. he says this, 150 clinton e-mails still contain classified information. more sensitive when she was secretary of state. this is a big deal. all right. that number actually 125 e-mails that were subsequently classified but they weren't when the e-mails were sent or
10:27 am
received. that classification came afterwards. still in donald trump's words, a big deal? >> of course, depends on who you ask. they were not marked classified at the time they were sent. inspector general for the intelligence community said some of them might have been. a little bit unclear on that. in this batch, 125, as you mentioned, they were confidential which is the lowest level of classification in the previous batch of clinton e-mails. two were top secret, higher level. so you know the question still remains did she do the right thing, did she compromise the security of sensitive information by putting it on her server. but no clear answer really. >> especially when it comes to whether it's legal or political issues. political she's seen and heard some of the hits taken from that already. msnbc's alex seitz-wald in washington. update on the breaking news we are following out of fox lake, illinois. outside of chicago about an hour away. after a police officer was
10:28 am
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thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. we're working the investigation of the officer who was injured. so the major crime task force, like county major crime task force has been called in for that and is heading up that investigation. >> sheriff's department in lake county, all know, updating this afgs after an officer was shot. now a massive manhunt for three suspects believed to be on the run after shooting the police officer. following a routine traffic stop, where the suspects gave chase after shooting the police officer. now in this area known as fox lake, in lake county, illinois, near the wisconsin border. there is this massive manhunt from the air, on the ground, with canine units involved. also schools have been placed under lockdown, just getting word that also in addition to fox lake schools, other schools as well, stanton and lotus schools have been placed under
10:32 am
lockdown as well. train service in the area has also been suspended as police are searching for these what's believed to be three men. let's get the latest now from msnbc's craig melvin who joan ms. we now. >> the officer shot has died. that's according to a law enforcement source telling nbc chicago that the officer has died. that is information that has not been publicly confirmed by the police department but, again, the police there, according to our nbc of faffiliate there in chicago has died. the fox lake area, about an hour north west of chicago. lts the closer, a lot closer to the wisconsin border than it is to chicago proper. it is a city largely rural. there are pockets of suburban life there but it's a largely rur real area. i spent some time working in a neighboring county, mchenry county, when i was in chicago.
10:33 am
three folks on the run right now. two white men, one black man. they are believed to be on foot. they are also to be armed and dangero dangerous. we did not get a great deal of information from that news conference other than there was some sort of traffic stop. there was then a foot chase. the police officer who was shot and killed called out for backup. when the backup arrived they discovered that the officer's weapon and some pepper spray, his pepper spray had both been taken. at this point we do not know if it was taken during the course of a struggle. we do not know if it was taken off the officer after he was shot and killed. all of this going down shortly after 8:00 a.m. local time, 8:00 a.m. central time. and again, what's happening here in fox lake, illinois, against the backdrop of what happened just outside houston, this houston suburb over the weekend, texas deputy darren goforth shot
10:34 am
execution style at a gas station, 15 times in his head and neck. so as you might imagine, a number of police officers in this country over the past few days have talked openly about how this is a time of great anxiety for men and women who wear the uniform. not folks who sign up to protect and serve for a great deal of money or accolades, but according to officer down, that's a non-profit organization that monitors officers who have been shot in the line of duty, this will be the 24th officer shot and killed in the line of duty so far this year. again, it's only september but so far this year 24 officers shot and killed. you mentioned a number of schooling on lockdown in the area, superintendent of schools saying this was being done out of an abundance of caution. the sheriff's spokesperson did say people who live in this area need to be extra vigilant.
10:35 am
they need to make sure that their doors are locked, that they are staying inside because there are three people who are believed to have shot and killed a police officer on the run. and as someone told me many years ago in one of these stories, if someone will shoot and kill a plifsh, in broad daylight, there is not much that this person won't do. so again, law enforcement in that area telling folks to be extra vigilant. keep in mind that you've got not just law enforcement in illinois area but because of where this city is, this fox lake, illinois, area, just over the wisconsin line, you also have in addition to u.s. marshal, you also have law enforcement agencies just over the border there who are also trying to find these three individuals. we don't at this point, francis, know the circumstances leading up to the shooting. we don't know whether this was just a routine traffic stop. we don't know what the officer was trying to do. but we do know that there is going to be another police officer's family in mourning
10:36 am
here in the greater chicago area, francis. >> certainly a tough for the family there in the fox lake area of illinois and certainly tough for the residents who live there based on some census data we understand there are about 10,000 people who reside in the fox lake area where this police officer was from, where this actually took place. also keep in mind that the timeline here this happening at 8:00 local time in fox lake, that these three suspects may very well be outside of fox lake, outside of lake county and on the run depending on the they got away on foot, if they were able to get away in another vehicle. that remains to be seen as this massive manhunt is going on in that area on the air, on the ground. canine, bloodhounds are there as well trying to aid in this search. i want to bring in phil rogers with our chicago affiliate wmaq who joins us now on the phone. given that, you know, they have the pros and cons working for them in trying to find these guys.
10:37 am
and not necessarily the assumption that all three of them are together, phil. >> no, francis, you're right. as craig was describing to you, this is a very rural area. heavily wooded, as you see from the helicopter pictures. it's a resort area. it's what's known as the chana lakes an hour northwest of chicago. a lot of boaters frequent this area because it's a very, very boating intensive area. in fact, the lake is just out of frame there, just to the left of what you're seeing. i can tell you that within the last 20 minutes a tremendous all-call went out on the radios for movement that was seen in the woods and police converged on an area hickory and rollins which is about what you're looking at right now. now an all-clear has just gone up from that area just a couple of minutes ago. in fact, one deputy was heard on the radio saying at this point it looks like we're chasing ghosts out here. i can tell you that originally when the first messages went out it was for male black, male
10:38 am
white, believed to have disarmed the officer after shooting him and also taking his pepper spray, then about 20 minutes later there was a message that went out that possibly a woman might be accompanying them but there was a caution with that message that that was not confirmed. that's where the third individual comes in to this. originally they were looking for two around then a third individual added. francis, i can tell you one other thing. we've been reporting for over an hour here that the officer had unfortunately died, within the last couple of minutes "chicago tribune" has gone up with a statement that the officer was confirmed dead and they are attributing that to lake county undersheriff raymond rose who said that he died at the scene. also said that the officer radioed that he was in foot pursuit of individuals, that he was chasing out there. people suspected of suspicious activity. right after 8:00 chicago time, he said he was in foot pursuit,
10:39 am
communication lost shortly after that. and then unfortunately the messages going out that the officer had been shot. >> and died at the scene without even being transported. talk a little bit about, can you clarify if this started as routine traffic stop? i ask that because if that were the case the hopes would be that this officer, before being shot, before being killed, would have radioed information, the tag numbers, the description, the model of this vehicle to provide more information for them to go on? >> you're exactly right, francis. the way it was termed was that the officer was on routine patrol and radioed just after 8:00 that he was going to check on suspicious activity. and then a short time after that he sent in a message that he was in foot pursuit of some individuals and then that was his last message. it's unclear exactly how the entire transaction began. >> this is one thing considering the timeline as well that this happened at 8:00 central time.
10:40 am
that the point we don't have any identification of these suspects, the most we know, conflicting reports of whether these are two men and one woman or three men, two described as white, one described as black. shouldn't we know more at this point and what benefit would there be for law enforcement to hold on to that information right now, especially which enthey can get the public to help them? >> well, i think probably you're exactly right. if they had that information they would be putting it out. i think right now that's probably the best description they have. one thing i should point out and in these images that you are seeing from the air you do see houses there. this is rural but it's not out in the middle of nowhere. there are actually large residential areas that lead off of the main road there. and you also see this large concrete structure that we keep showing from the helicopter. that belongs to a local cement concern that is a rather large construction company here in chicago. it's believed that this facility was inoperative but it seems to
10:41 am
be the locust of all of this, possibly that structure or near it is where this entire incident unfolded. >> is there any indication that they may believe that these suspects might be in that? i can imagine there are searching far and wide as far as how far they may have gotten since 8:00 this morning. but i know from what we're seeing in this video a lot of law enforcement vehicles still there in that location. >> no, i don't believe they believe they're inside that because i'm pretty certain that facility has now been searched. there is a tremendous law enforcement presence up there. they got a very large perimeter drawn around this. and then what they will do is they will keep the perimeter tight and when they hear of something they need to check, they will send teams in to check it while they keep the perimeter airtight. the fear, of course, is how far could the government have gotten before that perimeter was set up and, as craig wisely pointed out, you know, this is very close to the wisconsin border.
10:42 am
easily, i mean, we are now, what, four hours, 4 1/2 hours since the shooting. on foot, these folks, depending on what direction they went and how much of a head start they had, there are fears about where they could be. that's why they have sent out such caution to the public, that the individuals are considered armed and dangerous. you've got the school on lockdown. you've got the metra trains that -- you see the metra track right there. you see the proximity to how close it is to the shooting scene. southbound trains, that's the commuter railroad for chicago. those trains have been hut down southbound into chicago. they don't want to take any chances. >> sure. can you tell me anything about the other law enforcement who may be involved in this search? craig melvin reported the u.s. marshals being involved in this. how about the fbi, especially know that this crossed borders into wisconsin, too? are you hearing anything about fbi involvement?
10:43 am
>> of course. they would be involved, absolutely. the lead agency on this is the lake county sheriff. this is lake county, illinois. and i think if your map is still up there you see fox lake. lake county extends from about just west of fox lake all of the way to lake michigan over there to the east on the right. it's very large county. the county seat there is waukegan, probably the best known community there to the viewers. so they are the lead agency on this. most of the units you see out there including the paramilitary looking units you see are from lake county. a lot of military vehicles out there. you know, individuals with automatic weapons in riot fatigues. it's a very grim scene. >> i'm sure as time passes that search will only intensify. stick with us, fill rogers, from affiliate wmaq. reporting for us on the phone. of course we'll stay on top of this as we continue to follow this breaking news here on
10:44 am
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model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealr toda! there are three suspects at lash large at this time. again, described as one male white and one male black. looking into the apprehension of thesis speths at large. utilizing multiple resources for that. we have numerous canines on the ground checking for scents. we have numerous helicopters and aircrafts in the air. we have a large number of officers on foot conducting searches of the area. >> breaking news out of lake county, illinois, where a fox lake police officer has been shot and killed. that's according to a law enforcement who have told our nbc affiliate wmaq there that the officer involved in that shooting has died. three suspects believed to be the gunman now on the loose leading to this massive manhunt in the area of lake county about
10:48 am
an hour northwest of the city of chicago near the border of wisconsin. so this is a situation there as that search is happening from the air on the ground as well with bloodhounds, canine units as well in this area. the census data on fox lake is it is a population of 10,000 people. we understand that fox lake schools have been placed under lockdown as well as stanton and locust schools as well. train service has been suspended while they're looking for these three men who are believed to have shot and killed that police officer after that officer responded to suspicious activity, which led to this foot chase. also believed to have taken the officer's pepper spray and possibly even his weapon. i want to bring in former fbi profiler and msnbc contributor clint van zandt who joins me now. does it surprise you that five hours into this manhunt after this shooting that we don't know more about the suspect other than they may be three men?
10:49 am
>> well, there's a different challenge in working in a rural area like this. i've spent some time up there in the summer. i know the chain of lakes well. there's a website that suggests fox lake police department has three part time and three full-time police officers. should that be correct, of course, their backup may or may not be another officer working or it may be a deputy sheriff or could be a state trooper who would have to back up one of these officers. so it's not like a major city where you put a call officer needs assistance and in three minutes you've got 30 officers. here it can take quite a while to get a backup. and as you've been reporting the challenge is we don't know as public necessarily did the suspects escape in a vehicle or did they escape on foot? we know that the "chicago tribune" has reported the deceased officer was found in a marshy area and that he had been stripped of his weapon and other gear. most of the time that would probably suggest, you know,
10:50 am
his .9 millimeter more likely glock pistol which would have 15, 16 rounds. he probably had a couple of extra magazines of 15 rounds each, his pepper spray. we don't know what else they would have taken off the deceased officer. but you know, this is almost like a terrible combat situation that we've heart about the past dozen years where the assailants come in and strip weapons off our soldiers when we kill them. and this is one of our soldiers in blue, the 24th that's been killed this year. we average three police officers a month now that's been gunned down and one more time we've got a major hunt looking for three believed assailants at this point. >> that's the tough part, we're talking agent three. how do law enforcement and authorities go about in this search, in secure that perimeter knowing that it's been, you know, five hours in since this
10:51 am
shooting and they had that time to get away and they very well could not be together? may not be together? >> well, it's not just -- as you've been reporting with craig and others, it's not just an illinois perimeter, either. you've got wisconsin a stone's throw to the north. so you're going have wisconsin officers that are going to have to secure that side of the border between illinois and wisconsin. and then you said a strong perimeter around the area where you think that -- where you know the shooting took place, where you recovered the deceased officer. and then you put a perimeter out much further and you try to collapse that outer perimeter in. in essence, you want to search everything in that immediate area. but as we've heard one radio call by a police officer involved in a search suggests it's like we're chasing ghosts, unquote. well, they're doing a house-to-house business-by-business search trying to ensure themselves that
10:52 am
one, two, or all three suspects are not hiding someplace. but if they got to a vehicle four hours from now you and i know that could be 200 miles north, south, east, or west. >> and not to mention the fact that this is a heavily wooded area, marshy area as it's been described as well where the body of one of the chain of lakes around there. certainly the search could be happening from the air, on the ground, and by water as well. clint van zandt stay with us. my name is phil zietlow, and i've been an engineer on the cheerios team for 51 years. about five years ago, i found out that if my daughter-in-law, joyce, eats anything with gluten in it she feels pretty darn terrible. so my team and i came up with a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now joyce and i can have cheerios together anytime we want. and if you love someone with celiac, or gluten sensitivity, you can too.
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breaking news we're following here on msnbc where a police officer has been shot. a fox lake police officer. out of illinois. has been shot and killed and now a massive manhunt for the three suspects. three male suspects in that area of lake county. as you see there, about northwest of chicago. about an hour northwest of chicago. nearing the wisconsin border. these men are believed to be
10:56 am
armed and dangerous. police are intensifying the search. this happened around 8:00 this morning local time. five hours in since that shooting that killed the police officer. they're searching for these men who they believe are armed and dangerous in a rural area, wooded area of fox lakes. we'll continue to bring you more throughout the next hour here on msnbc live.
10:57 am
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(vo) at&t and directv are now one- bringing your television and wireless together- and taking entertainment to places you'd never imagine. (rick) louis, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. good to be with you. we begin the second hour of msnbc live with breaking news. a massive manhunt with dogs and helicopters under way for the three men suspected of shooting a fox lake, illinois, police officer. the lake county sheriff's office spoke with the press earlier about this manhunt. >> at this point, we're -- this is a two-pronged investigation so we have our -- we're looking into the apprehension of the
11:00 am
three subjects at large. we're utilizing multiple resources for that. we have numerous canines on the ground checking for scents. we have numerous helicopters and aircrafts 31-year-old malek jaziri of tunisia in front 2-1 on serve. convincingly taking the first two sets. he's rifled 17 aces, dominant as you would expect on his serve. >> a real good first serve
11:01 am
percentage, match percentage up around 60%. maybe a little higher than that. >> second on tour with 71% behind juan monaco. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the forehand we spoke about. . . . . . .
11:02 am
. . . . so the entire area as you can guess is really on a knife's edge and just a tremendous police presence out there. helicopters, as you say, canine units in the woods. large forest preserve area. that's what they're called. in the region. right adjacent to the shooting scene. and, you know, officers and armored personnel vehicles, we have got at least one school on complete hard lockdown. the village hall in fox lake is shut down. the metro commuter railroad shut down southbound traffic that the tracks adjoin that scene. it was a tense situation. >> got to be even more tense
11:03 am
approaching now the fifth hour since the shooting, 8:00 local time. talk a little bit about the area here. i understand it's a resort area. this chain of lakes area. very rural. last census data from last year puts fox lake at about 1,000 -- 10,000 people. i can imagine it's tough knowing it's heavily wooded, very dense and marshy areas around there in lake county. >> right. in fact, the chopper pilot referring to it as swamps as we have been listening to the lake county helicopter trying at times to put his helicopter down. he was having to find new spots that, you know, were firm enough because they have the marshy areas. please don't miss understand. fox lake is a town. it's a community. there are large residential areas which i think occasionally you can see from the chopper pictures you see up there. it's bedroom community to chicago. a lot of folks live up there and commute. largely by railroad into the city of chicago to work.
11:04 am
and the chain of lakes is exactly what it's described as, series of lakes up there that are very popular with boaters and fishermen, especially on the weekend. heavily trafficked area and thus very popular people where people enjoy living. >> phil rogers, stick with us here especially if you find out more information to share with us. for now, i want to bring in former u.s. marshal lenny depaul and clint van zandt is with us and on the phone matthew who ras. lenny, let's start with you hearing more information now, especially concerning who these guys are. the their identities. we understand that the police officer before he was shot and killed radioed some information in to there were suspicious activity he was checking on. what can you tell us as far as what other possible information he may have conveyed in that radio call? >> well, first of all, francis, my heart and condolence to the police officer's family.
11:05 am
certainly, a sad, sad day for them. with respect to the timeline and the radio transmissions, might have been a vehicle in play, he did radio in, the chief there, put out there was two white males, one black male. the foot pursuit, i don't think he was chasing all three at the same time. they possibly split up. where the shots came from, that's anyone's guess at this point but variety of things could come out of this. again, depending on what the radio transmissions exactly said, what he put out, description possibly. were there witnesses? i'm sure they're interviewing everyone and vacant homes. the search is intense and very difficult at this point. >> what does it tell you, clint, now that we are, you know, several hours in to this search since that shooting? right now officers aren't sharing much as far as the identity of these guys and not the assumption they're together or separated. >> yeah. that's something apparently they
11:06 am
don't know right now. there comes a point in investigation like this where you want the public to help as a force multiplier. you want their information but it sounds like right now they have got fairly sketchy information, probably from the victim officer himself. and the information i'm getting is suggesting that this was a fairly senior police officer in that department but, of course, we want to wait until there's other notifications made. but it sounds like this is somebody who would have known his way around his community and who the local people were, so this may have been a real surprise to this officer. what we don't know is whether the one, two or three assailants had their own weapon or whether they jumped the officer and seized his weapon and used that against him. either way, right now, they have committed a capital crime. realize from 2013 to 2014 that
11:07 am
deaths by gun fire for police officers rose 56% in this country. so, there is a reason i think looking at the 24 officer that is have died this year already, there is a reason for police officers to suggest that badge they wear on their chest can also be a target for some people. >> we saw that all too well with the texas officer darren goforth gunned down at the texas gas station and the suspected gunman in court for the first time yesterday, shannon miles. prosecutors saying that, you know, he emptied, basically, around 15 shots to deputy goforth. back to this and the manhunt going on here. want to bring you in, matthew horace, former atf executive, as far as how we can make some gains here knowing that, again, very rural area. also, surrounded by a body of water there, known as the chain of lakes.
11:08 am
and that this area of fox lake is bordering the state of wisconsin. in fact, in the time that the guys could have gotten ahead. >> well, i think when you look at all the agencies being brought to bear, the u.s. marshals, fbi and state police, they'll look out far as you can imagine for the suspect vehicle and suspects. as the crime goes on, the crime scene and search team grows and nothing we're unaccustomed to doing. >> all right. lenny, to bring you back in, what do people need to do? obviously, vigilant. keep their eyes. there are reports of affiliate there that there was a woman that called authorities and reported seeing men in the backyard and hung up and something to check on. what more can people do to stay safe? but also to be helpful. >> well, yeah, absolutely. they're filtering through and any leads coming in law enforcement will react to. they are going to cast a very
11:09 am
wide net. it is a multi-jury dictional effort right now. canine, you know, whatever they have they're going to use. and there's thousands of officers on the scene. they need atvs. i understand it's a rough tur rain. bad for us and also bad for them. so, you know, the public needs to remain vigilant. if they hear or see anything, i don't care what it is, they don't know what law enforcement is working on, the investigators could have a piece of the puzzle that they need and somebody calls in something that they may feel is not as important but they should call it in anyway. it could connect the dots for law enforcement. >> looking at the map. fox lake surrounded bety chain of lakes. i can imagine the search not just by ground or canine units and the water, as well. >> well, yeah. >> absolutely. >> investigators involved this search have to consider the possibility that one or more of
11:10 am
the alleged assailants could have got on the a boat. again, this is right up here the wisconsin border. i have been up there before, been on the lakes before. they're rural, marshy areas and easy to disappear if you want to. you know, the best-case scenario for law enforcement would be if the three individuals stayed together and find them as this small group. worst case is they have split up and gone three different directions. again, there's a lot of assets thrown into that area right now. marshals, fbi from chicago. they'll be sending all of their officers, agents up there to participate. and, you know, we want to get as many people up there involved in the search as we can before it starts to get night. realize, schools are on lockdown. you can't keep them on lockdown and homes locked up like this. people are going to want to get out and go to work. law enforcement really has to put a lot of resources and
11:11 am
hopefully find these three individuals before nightfall comes and it has a greater impact on the community. >> it's interesting what you bring up, clint. i want to talk about it and lenny's take and matthew's take and actually benefit law enforcement if the three suspects stayed together. what's the psyche of these guys? trying to get away, shot and killed this police officer, even more so. and i would imagine it's every man for himself. i need to get away and make sure i stay away and not get caught. >> if they near a vehicle, hopefully, we have got them altogether. and it's going to depend on how closely related -- i mean as far as the criminal enterprise. are they related, are they relatives? are they brothers or friends? or, are these three people who just fell together to commit some type of an offense? there's a report that says one of the main areas being searched was around this company that does oil changes in that area.
11:12 am
we don't know exactly where this officer stumbled on these three individuals but somewhere in this community they were up to something that caused him to go out, check who they were, go into a foot pursuit and that's the last we heard of him until he was found dead we're told. >> gentlemen, stick with us here as we continue to follow this at this point with the massive manhunt in illinois, the fox lake area, outside of chicago. we have no identities of the three suspects on the loose and the police officer who was shot and killed has not yet been identified. we'll continue to stay on top of it and bring you more. can a business have a mind?
11:13 am
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11:16 am
this coming on weak china data and uncertainty there on the chinese markets and the slowdown. we'll continue to follow that. the dow dropping more than who 0 points. following that, also following other breaking news out of fox lake, illinois, where a police officer's been shot and killed in that rural area here. now, three suspects are on the loose with a massive manhunt under way. authorities considering them armed and very dangerous. this intensifying on the fifth hour of this manhunt, the shooting happened earlier this morning, 8:00 local time. started with a routine traffic stop with the police officer checking on suspicious activity. and then there was a foot chase and then we understand that the officer was shot and killed. and the three suspects took off. officers are describing them. this as schools are under lockdown in the fox lake area. trains suspended there and, again, authorities are searching
11:17 am
by air, by ground with canine units in this area that's known as a resort area, the chain of lakes area that borders the wisconsin -- borders wisconsin state. about an hour away from chicago. i want to bring in now matthew horace, a former u.s. marshal. and, matthew, interesting to see your take an you're seeing how this manhunt is going on now. what would you be doing at this point five hours in and what would be your priority as far as the search? >> okay. that's atf executive but listen, whoever's listening this effort has got to ensure to put the immediate area on lockdown. check car lots, neighborhoods, as the search continues, the search area's going to increase to a larger area and i'm sure officials in illinois and wisconsin are working hand in hand to identify a vehicle, follow leads and hopefully get the individuals in custody very quickly. >> is it surprising to you at this point knowing this happened
11:18 am
in the morning that we don't know more about these suspects other than they are three men? >> well, no. obviously, whether the officer would have radioed out, he would have told dispatch how many people were in the vehicle and a deskrimgs of the vehicle and a tag number so we don't know whether he got official identification from the suspects, found at the scene or not and certainly some aspects that we may not know at this point of officers very well may have identified an identification and something that's done and we won't know that until later on. >> it was reported that he was responding to suspicious activity, whether that was a traffic stop with a vehicle, we don't know but that certainly would help if it were and radioing in there's a likelihood to call in the license plate of the vehicle and a description, the model, make and along with other information, right? >> that's standard practice,
11:19 am
suspicious vehicle or suspicious situation. before we get out of that patrol vehicle, we radio in to what we have. we have a broken down vehicle. we have three people outside of a vehicle. the vehicle coming a stop. we normally let dispatch know what we have to give a record of what we saw at that time. >> all right a. former atf executive, thank you. >> have a great day. >> also on the phone is eugene mcdonald, former officer and criminal justice professor. from the reports you are hearing now, on what happened, eugene, tell us your take on this and what may be the priority as far as authorities searching for the guys not knowing if they're together or separated? >> priority is public safety to make sure the schools are safe, citizens are safe, they don't get too far, the metro train there is shut down. you could be absolutely sure there's a full-court press, federal, local, state people working in tandem. it sounds like it's promising in
11:20 am
the sense that they have identifiable people and it's likely they know a lot more than is in the public realm at this point. >> that's what i'm curious about. if they know more and the public could be so helpful in finding these guys, why wouldn't they want to share that? >> i think it's just on a case by case basis. there's no long-term strategic issue. there's simply -- you know, at this point, they're improvising and who knows where this case may be at this point? they may have home addresses, associates of these people and may -- the trail on this could be very hot and in the sense they know who the individuals are, that's very promising. certainly, it is a balancing act and make sure they don't necessarily endanger people and it's some point to decide whether there's information they have to come forward with but at this point they're going to overdo public safety and make sure within any reasonable
11:21 am
period, area, secured, schools, senior centers, public transit facilities and try to limit the degree to which these people can get a getaway plan together. it is all being done in a helter-skelter fashion as these things are done and will involve the u.s. marshals, state police up in wisconsin, illinois state police and many of the other local smaller departments. but you can be sure that the undivided attention of law enforcement of that region is on this event at this point. >> eugene, talk about the challenges here when we're considering this area. it is not a large community, about 10,000 people in the area of fox lake. but also, it's extremely rural. heavily wooded. surrounded by bodies of water. it's the chain of claks area. resort area, as well. also a lot of areas described as
11:22 am
marshy and swampy, too. how will that come into play in their search? >> right. we saw that some of these -- these are often concluded relatively quickly and saw in upstate new york there and doesn't compare in that respect but talking about, you know, looking for individuals who are -- if they're not apprehended, you have other concerns and it's resource issue of resources, dogs, whatever other kinds of aerial assets they can bring in. they need to do that, sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and the reality is they have a much clearer end game, the law enforcement people than we think. if you're inside of this, they may very well have a clear lead on where to get these folks and where to pick them up or where they are at this point. but they have to prepare as night comes to area, for the long haul to be out there to be ready and to have as much resources as they can in place.
11:23 am
>> and hopefully when they're ready, they know this information and pass it on to us so the public can be more of a help in this search. eugene o'donnell, thank you so much. >> it's important to make the calls if people see anything and let law enforcement know. >> let me ask about you that. how do they weed the more credible calls versus other ones? there's reports of nbc affiliate of a woman that called law enforcement saying i spotted two guys in the backyard and hung up and something to check on. but how does that become productive when at this point resources may not -- may be prpre pretty thin for them? >> see something, say something and law enforcement will decide what's credible and what's not and devout resources. please call if you see something. the only issue that law enforcement has to be concerned about is malicious callers, prank callers that can get people hurt and that does happen in these situations. >> okay. something to watch out for.
11:24 am
eugene o'donnell, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®,
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11:27 am
an intense search is under way right now for the three men suspected of shooting and killing a police officer in fox lake, illinois. those three men are on the run after the shooting happened at 8:00 local time this morning about an hour away from chicago, northwest of echicago, but polie are looking for three men who believe are armed and dangerous. again, this happening with reports of suspicious activity, this officer went to go check in on that. and then, after a foot chase, we understand that the police officer was shot and killed there. and again, this is a very rural area of fox lake. about 10,000 people now schools in the area under lockdown. also train service has been suspended as authorities
11:28 am
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i'm here with lieutenant schimler. send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> that was dispatch audio courtesy of wmaq. and updating you on the breaking news following here on msnbc. dramatic manhunt, very intense in suburban chicago after a police officer is fatally shot. this happening in fox lake, illinois. and now the search is on. several schools in the area on lockdown. the fbi and the u.s. marshals have joined the manhunt along with at least two bloodhounds and according to the associated press the officer's gun and other gear was taken after he was shot. here's more from the sheriff's office. >> at this time, we are all asking area residents to remain inside, report any suspicious
11:32 am
activity, any suspicious people by dialing 911 as we still have three offenders at large. >> so, this is the detail that is we know. police estimate that there are three suspects on the run. n this suburb of chicago. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. the shooting unfolded after the officer began a foot pursuit in that area after checking in on what was called suspicious activity. and we now know that those suspects are described as three men, two white men, one black. joining me now on the phone is reporter phil rogers. i'm also joined by lenny depaul and clint van zandt. we begin with phil. phil, anything else we're hearing? we understand there's people in the community, residents calling after what they thought were sightings in their own backyard. >> that's exactly right and still being checked out because that location where the individual said that they thought they saw two individuals in the backyard is directly adjacent to a large forest
11:33 am
preserve and which had to be searched and we believe that process is, in fact, ongoing. and your other guest will, of course, testify in a situation like this, every report that comes in has to be investigated. for example, we have one under way right now where individuals thought they found blood in a driveway of a home nearby. the police there right now. they found no one at home. they pulled the mail out of the mailbox and looking for the individuals whose names are listed on the mail. this is a real rudimentary process at this stage of an investigation because especially in an area like this, where there's so many places that people could be hiding, they have to take every report seriously. >> and certainly, tough, too, coming that search because the guys could be hiding anywhere. they're looking into one residence and consider the area very rural, heavily wooded with areas described as marshy and
11:34 am
swampy, too. >> right. please understand and we tried to point this out. this is a community. this is a town. fox lake is a prominent community in the chicagoland area. that is series of communities up along there that really lead all the way in the commuter avenue down in to chicago, a train corridor. you see it there. those are the many e to train tra tracks shut down and as many locations where citizens advised not to emerge from their homes or from their businesses. but this is a prominent community up here. well-known in the chicagoland area as we have mentioned before, resort community on the chain of lakes so there was a large police presence available to come in and begin in this search and they got there very, very quickly. the question, of course, is how far did the individuals get before the parameter was
11:35 am
established or obtain an automobile? >> if they're together or separated at this point. for more on that, i want to bring in former fbi profiler clint van zandt. tell us what could be in the minds of these guys, together or whether they aren't. knowing that we are now approaching the sixth hour. they have been on the run since the shooting happened at 8:00 local time. and knowing that what police believe they took the officer's gun and possibly even his pepper spray and other gear. what are they thinking now? >> well, we have to take a step back and we have to say this occurred basically in broad daylight right around 8:00 this morning. we had three individuals near -- well, one report suggest oil change facility like you and i would drive in and get the oil changed on our car. what would these three individuals -- i mean, would they be committing a burglary at -- when it's basically broad
11:36 am
daylight and people would be coming to work? whatever brought this veteran officer to that scene to look for these suspicious individuals then you have to consider in that officer's mind and in in the search are these three local individuals? were they involved perhaps in some type of drug sale if not a burglary or something such as that? maybe the officer even knew one or more of the individuals as he approached them. and then they took off running. so now the question is, as your other guest suggested, did they get a vehicle? are they on foot? did they go back to their own residence if they're local? did they break into a building or a house of somebody else? worst-case scenario, holding hostages. that's why you see police officers, fbi, s.w.a.t., marshal s.w.a.t., other organizations coming in. these are teams that are fully capable of doing a house by house search and if they have a
11:37 am
high risk situation, within a building, within a house, these individual teams fully capable of going in and dealing with one, two or all three of the alleged suspects. >> lenny depaul, i want your take as a former u.s. marshal and knowing basically when you have authorities out there in the search and trying to pinpoint or make the perimeter and dealing with math and how far they could have gotten in the time they've been awe. >> absolutely. and to go back a little bit in the timeline, too, when this thing went down early this morning, it is important to find out, no one's confirmed whether or not it's a car stop. did somebody call the police? was there suspicious activity? why did the police officer -- did he stumble on to like clint said, a possible drug deal? he may know the individuals. or if somebody called in, maybe they knew who they were. descriptions are probably being put out in-house within law enforcement. i'm sure sooner than later if
11:38 am
they identify somebody the public's made aware of it if they haven't caught up to all three already. but, you know, they're wide open and hitting on all cylinders right now. they're not leaving any stones unturned, interviewing people. they're responding to any call that comes in, any lead that comes in is vetted. the investigators that have this case, they're looking at these leads, they're going to know whether or not it's nonsense or whatnot. but, you know, it's certainly a full-court press. the most horrific radio transmission you can hear is shots fired, officer down. everybody's responding at this point. and they're bringing all assets available to the scene to include as we spoke about canine, bloodhounds, aviation support, night vision, infrared destroyed, s.w.a.t. team, hostage negotiating teams are there. the public, you know, broad daylight as clint said. they're out working and unoccupied homes and could be held up in a home. are they together? these are all questions that
11:39 am
certainly need to be answered and i'm sure they have answers to some of them if not most of them. >> if the authorities know the identities of the guys or more of a description, why wouldn't they want to share it with the public or the press? after the break, i hope to ask you and talk more about that. we'll be right back. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free.
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11:43 am
means about 10% lower than recent highs we have seen. we have been here a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and traders talking about china and the fact of data of china that talk about factory orders there and manufacturing being lower than what folks had expected it to be for the most recent months and that factor and the overall concern that the world's second largest economy is not growing as fast as many people had hoped. we put something on asking viewers how important china data is to their thoughts about the market, making changes based on that, and the majority said, no, we are not. about half of them said that. 40% said, yes, it's a big concern for us in terms of what we're doing here in the markets. you have to also consider the tact that we are looking at this last days of summer here and the very slow market activity, not a lot of reports about u.s. companies profits and doing and often a key driver for stock prices, so that kind of lull that we're seeing in information
11:44 am
and the news that we are getting out of china all of that and on this summer day, the first day of september, is one that is causing the market to really falter here. >> sharon, you mentioned correction last time we were mentioning correction, too, we saw that even out in the markets. is that something that we can expect as far as easing investor jitters this time around, too? >> in terms of seeing a correction, yes. i mean, that's something that normally -- hard to say normally to people who have looked at the portfolios and concerned they lost money and something that's a natural process in financial markets and we may see another one and the fact we didn't see this in four years is -- means a lot of folks expecting it to happen just when was it going to happen was the big question. not if it was going to happen. that should give investors sot comfort and sometimes it is hard to be comforted seeing the red arrows. >> all right. we appreciate the breakdown. sharon, appreciate it. thank you very much. now the other breaking story this afternoon, the intense
11:45 am
manhunt happening outside of chicago after a police officer from fox lake, illinois, fatally shot. that intense manhunt for three suspects believed to be three men described as two white, one black, happening in that area. now approaching hour number six in this manhunt. we want to bring in former u.s. marshal lenny depaul and former fbi profiler clint van zandt and perspective of what they're going about in searching and we understand there have been bloodhounds brought into the wooded we eed area and the atf involved with the u.s. marshals and the fbi. to clint, you -- i want to ask you, if there's some information as far as the identity of the three suspects, or even more of a description, why -- what's the benefit in holding off in sharing that to the public and the press knowing that the public could very well help them in this snerch. >> well, you know, number one, i understand, you know, your
11:46 am
position and that of the media that if you have a name or a photograph, you can put it out to literally millions of viewers across the united states. from the law enforcement perspective, they may think they have, they may believe they have information who the suspects may be and also may believe that the suspects will be following this on television, on radio. so the last thing you want is in reality the bad guys and to know what you know. law enforcement may be holding those cards close to their chest to try to verify the identity before they give that information out. >> and lenny, to you, when we're giving the time line here knowing how far these guys could have gotten in this amount of time, are they going as far as looking outside the state of wisconsin knowing how close it is to the border? you were talking about the math there. it seems like much of the search is still around the fox lake area. >> well, this's going to be the
11:47 am
intense manhunt right where this thing went down this morning. they have cast a pretty wide net from what i understand. you know, and to back up a little bit, if someone is identified, law enforcement, there may be cooperators involved, witnesses if they put this out and know who gave them up. a variety of reasons law enforcement if they're identified why the names aren't put out there. they don't want to misinform orr misidentify somebody. manhunt itself and investigation, which is a total different thing, they're looking at everything. talking to people. witnesses. neighbors. again, deploying all assets that are going to be needed. they're in a very rough terrain and night fall is here shortly. they have to cross the "ts" and dot the "is" and three people out there armed and daungerous. >> in that you are mind, thinking about the next step, the strategy, what would that be? hang tight inside an abandoned
11:48 am
building in a remote area or in woods and wait until nightfall to go out for better to deep on running, get a vehicle or try to get away as far as possible? >> that's a great question. are they local individuals? are they from out of town? do they know the area? were they visiting somebody? all the questions are asked and hopefully answered in the law enforcement investigation right now. what's the next step, when's the mind-set? why did they kill a police officer? there must have been something crazy going on in their minds or what they were up to when this officer stumbled upon them. they didn't want to get arrested and did back to jail. are they repeat offenders, on paro parole? who knows? once they're identified the questions will be answered and will give law enforcement a huge advantage in the investigation. >> this is as we're looking at two live images of the scene from the ground and aerial video of earlier and this is an image
11:49 am
now we can see large armored vehicles around, cones and roadblock airoad blockades as the search intensifie intensifies. how does that community do this? the schools on lockdown. approaching the 2:00 hour local time. trains suspended as we have been reporting and crippling the community as far as not letting them go out and about and when if that changes at all or will it change at all as this manhunt continues? >> well, of course, we all remember the manhunt that took place in new york state when those two individuals escaped from prison and how that mace cli shut down local commerce in that area for literally weeks at a time. law enforcement doesn't necessarily want the see that happen but i know there are stores in the more business type areas up there that have already shut down, that police officers
11:50 am
have told business owners, you're not going to be open today. so you may as well shut down. there are people looking out their windows, looking out their doors. unfortunately, putting rounds in their shotgun and laying it on the bed because they're going to be terrified just like took place in new york state. >> right. >> when those two inmates escaped. now, when they're looking for these three, one of the things, too, and that's when lenny and i would look at is of the three 0 identify them, is there one older or one more criminally sophisticated who might take a leadership role? if so, where might he go and might the other two follow? so, there is a lot of investigation that's going to take place in front of and behind the camera as well as the officers we see on the street. >> all right. clint, lenny, stay with me a little bit. we'll continue on, on the other side. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
back to breaking news of the
11:54 am
past two hours here on msnbc live, dramatic manhunt for three suspect in su sur ban chicago after an officer of fox lake, illinois, fatally shot. the atf is there on the scene with at least two bloodhounds, several schools on lockdown and the officer's gun was taken according to the associated press and police estimate there are three suspects on the run in this area. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. the shooting unfolded after the officer began a foot pursuit in the area and officers described the suspects as three men, two white men, one black male, as well. so this now approaching the sixth hour of this intense search in that area. i want to bring in and very quickly lenny depaul, former u.s. marshal. lenny, approaching this hour, schools should be dismissed but they're currently on lockdown and trains suspended and people wanting to get home, especially from chicago, how do they go
11:55 am
about in continuing the search with that in mind? >> yeah, well, absolutely. i mean, the children that are released from school, i think they'll remain in lockdown. if the parents get out of work, schedules being altered as we speak. it is a mess there and i'm hoping -- there's three individuals out there that they're being looked for. i'm hoping one of them maybe getting caught, turns himself in, they just -- law enforcement i think needs a break at this point. if we can identify one person, you know, and move on from there, then we can relax a little bit and still have two others out there, obviously, but they need a little bit of a break at this point so i'm just hoping nothing else happens and, you know, it's certainly an intense manhunt and the public has to remain vigilant and a sad day for them up there and do whatever is necessary to keep themselves safe, which is very important and a priority for law enforcement and also try to capture the three people without an incident. >> all right.
11:56 am
former u.s. marshal, lenny depaul, thank you for your perspective as this community on edge as this investigation takes place into the shooting death of a police officer with three suspects considered armed and dangerous on the run in that area. we have no descriptions other than them being three men, two white, one black. of the three suspects, and the police officer shot and killed, has not been identified but as you can imagine approaching the sixth hour of this search, that community very, very on edge as they continue in that search. we appreciate your being with us for two hours here on msnbc live. that wraps it up for us today. luke russert picks up the coverage next as we continue with the breaking news here. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest.
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it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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can you tell what makes them so different?. did you hear that sound? of course you didn't. you're not using ge software like the rig on the right. it's listening and learning how to prevent equipment failures, predict maintenance needs, and avoid problems before they happen. you don't even need a cerebral cortex to understand which is better. now, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. breaking news leading the hour today. i'm luke russert. a massive manhunt under way outside of chicago, illinois. one police officer is dead according to a law enforcement source. and three suspects are on the
12:00 pm
run. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> residents are being told to stay inside. schools are on lockdown and police units in the air and the ground and using canine teams, there are reports of officer stripped of his gun and mace. the three suspects are considered armed and dangerous. the fbi, u.s. marshals and regional s.w.a.t. teams are on the hunt. this is ongoing from about most of the morning there. joining me now on the phone is phil rogers, a reporter with affiliate wmaq. thank you for making the time. >> thank you, luke. >> around 8:15 central time, the police officer apparently came across three suspects that were at a building that had to do with cement company. said that he was investigating suspicious behavior. then radioed for backup at some point. he was no longer in contactit


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